The opening screen to the "Platform Racing". The first in the trilogy.

Platform Racing (otherwise refrenced as Platform Racing 1) is an online multiplayer flash game borne of an idea by Jiggmin made around June 2007 (judged upon the date released onto Kongregate). Comprised of three (Derron, Grayan, Fitz) severs. Due to popular demand and from the popularity from this game, Jiggmin was his user fans on his forum were requesting for a sequel to this new game. Platform Racing may sometimes be refrenced to as PR.

How to play Platform RacingEdit

Start by clicking "play". Once you do click it, you are able to select a colour out of 11 for your character, ajust your stats and give yourself a temporary username.

You can see these controls by loading the game and hitting the third option on the screen, "Instructions".

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    The instruction screen in PR

    Right or "D" -> run right!
  • Left or "A" -> run left!
  • Up or "W" -> jump!
  • Down or "S" -> charge a super jump!
  • Space -> use an item

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The ServersEdit

You can choose which server you desire to join after you click "play" and finish editing your character. Underneath you should be able to click what server you want to join out of the three provided. No user truly knows the reason for each server name, despite Jiggmin claiming to someday reveal his true motive for these names.


The most populated server of the three, and usually the most populated.

Fitz and Grayan:Edit

These servers are usually equally populated... just about.


Upon entering a room, you will find the chat on the left and 8 levels (scroll up and down available) on the right and a second tab that reads "customize". Levels are unlockable according to what rank you achieve. You can rank up by playing levels and beating other players. Beating other players requires reaching and bumping the finish block before anyone else. You can jump on players to slow them down too!


The levels that you are able to play once all unlocked are; Newbieland (A short introduction to the game), Buto (Very basic level. has a lot of jumping!), Pyramids (Which, as the title suggests, is a pyramid based level), Robocity (which features a box in which you have to work your way down), Assembly (which is a sequence of more so challenging tasks to pass through), Infernal Hop (a series of challenges that require jumping, very precise jumping), Going Down (a free fall level on a construction site) and Slip (a level through a lot of ice).

4 of the 5 items you can recieve by bumping a ? block


  • Super Jump (Jump super high!)
  • Jet Pack (Fly around thanks to your jet buddy!)
  • Laser Gun (Shoot your friends to hurt and slow them down!)
  • Lightning (Be Zeus and lightning strike every player to slow them down!)
  • Speed (Get a free boost in your running exp for a certain amount of time in the race)
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